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Modern Fibre Glass Porch

Add an instant touch of class to the front
of your house by installing a fibre glass
canopy, porch or column. Transforming
any property within minutes, installing,
a canopy or porch will also provide a dry
welcome for your guests.


Modern Fibre Glass Canopy

With both modern and traditional styles to choose from there really is something for everyone. All are quick and easy to install. For the size they are also much lighter than you would imagine too.

Our window and door porches can potentially add value to your property and is a maintenance-free choice for home improvement. For example, our range of porch tops gives you a wide range of choice when it comes to style and colour. You can even cover any previous canopy scarring immediately to improve the look of your property instantly.

As recognised UK manufacturers of GRP door entrance canopy products, we can respond to your specific requirements and can create bespoke products to suit even the most unusual of properties. We choose only to use GRP composite due to its reliability and durability. All our canopies and fibre glass products are fully guaranteed for 5 years and never need painting.

With our custom design facility we can also create whatever style or size of project you have in mind. As experienced manufacturers we can adapt to create the exact canopy, porch or column you are looking for.

Lightweight and durable, we have the performance product you need. This is why we now only offer products made from Glass Reinforced Plastic.



Classical Style Columns


Regency Style Columns

Interior & Exterior Columns & Pillars
If you are looking for a way to add character and depth to a room we can offer you a great selection of column and pillar options. Columns have become progressively more popular within the interior and exterior of the home, on the exterior of the home as a support and on the interior the column it is often adopted as a visual addition to the layout of a room interior.

Our services include:
•    Bases and headers that will beautifully complement our columns and trim
•    Huge choice of round, fluted or square columns
•    Years of trade experience
•    Interior & exterior custom pillars available to buy
•    Sizes ranging from 4 to 20 feet
•    All year round weather proof protection with zero maintenance once installed.
•    Very competitive prices.

The addition of a column can provide a certain opulence and elaboration to a household, often paired together columns assert a dominance of symmetry that will greatly enhance the interior or exterior perception of a building. Height and style factor greatly into any perception of a column, our high quality pieces are sought after as much for functionality as for elevation.

Using our columns or pillar services ensure that you can attain a distinguishable and expressive feature which is structurally sound and unsurpassable in terms of endurance.  High quality craftsmanship and material choice can assure you that along with our expertise you will enjoy a stable, stylish column or pillar and a most professional installation process.

And here are a couple of basic door canopies we made earlier as they say…

Basic Canopy

Basic Door Canopy

Basic Door Canopy

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